The 60-Minute Handbook: Sample Minutes for LLCs and Corporations


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Sample Minutes for LLCs and Corporations at Your Fingertips

Having sample minutes available instantly means you can easily and quickly document important business decisions.

The story of your business is in its records. Your LLC or corporate Minutes can be long or short. They can be simple, or very complex. As long as you have them!

Smart business owners know that Minutes help protect the business  against claims that your business is a shell. Are you protected in case the IRS or a lawsuit comes knocking?

We can help you to simplify the Minutes process with this easy to understand and easy to use product. You get our detailed eBook, 2 companion audio files, and more than 60 sample Minutes for LLCs and for Corporations. Each template is tailored for a common business situation. For example you get the classic sample Minutes for Annual Meetings. You also get sample Minutes to bring in new directors, issue shares, buy assets and more.

Sample Minutes for LLCs, too.

If you have an LLC, this product can help you, too.  We prepared a set of sample Minutes just for LLCs, each with the correct LLC language and terminology built right in. No more confusion and editing mistakes!

No Retyping!

All 60+ sample minutes were created using Microsoft Word. That means no retyping – just open, edit for your unique needs and you’re done.

You could go to your lawyer and pay hundreds of dollars for this service. You could spend hours trying to find the right form on the Internet, and hope that you get it right. Or, you could pick up your copy of The 60 Minute Handbook and have the answers you need, at your fingertips!

Here are just a few of the sample Minutes templates you’ll get:

  1. Example of Minutes from a Corporation Director’s Meeting approving equipment purchase (Corporation Directors)
  2. Consent Resolutions approving equipment purchase (LLC Managers)
  3. Annual Minutes Checklist
  4. Minutes for Annual Shareholders Meeting
  5. Consent Resolutions for Annual Managers and Members Meeting
  6. Consent Resolutions regarding Loan to Member (LLC Manager and Members)
  7. Directors Consent Resolutions to Borrow Money (Directors)
  8. Consent Resolution of Directors for C Corporation to adopt a MERP (Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan)
  9. Consent Resolutions of Managers and Members for LLC to Buy or Lease a Vehicle
  10. Consent Resolutions for Directors to approve payment of Profit Distributions (S Corporations)
  11. Consent Resolution of Managers and Members to approve admittance of new Member as full voting Member
  12. Minutes of a Managers and Members Meeting to approve Member’s Dissociation from LLC pursuant to Operating Agreement (death, divorce, insolvency, etc.)
  13. Consent Resolutions of Shareholders to Conversion from Corporation to LLC
  14. Consent Resolution of Managers of a Series LLC to create a new Series Cell
  15. Consent Resolution of Managers of a Series LLC Cell to Terminate and Dissolve Series Cell



Our Price: $99

Buy Now!