Smart Business Stupid Business


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Getting ahead in today’s economy means being smart. For business owners, this means understanding not just how to get out there and sell your product, but also to understand how the back end works. Cash flow, budget projections, cost-effective business operations — these all matter when it comes to your bottom line.

Smart Business Stupid Business is the new book from New York Times bestselling author, Diane Kennedy, CPA, and Smart Business Incorporation founder, Megan Hughes.

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  • How to Turn Your First Business into a Smarter Business By Eliminating Your Biggest Risk
  • What You Need To Know To Avoid the $40 Billion Problem That Puts Most Small Business Owners Out Of Business
  • How To Effectively Start Working ON Your Business Instead of IN Your Business
  • The Secret To Creating an Exit Strategy Paired with Massive Business Value
  • How To Effectively Build Efficient and Reliable Systems That Work and Run Themselves Helping You Increase Your Business’ ROI
  • Everything You Need To Know About Understanding Your Business’ Financial Statements
  • How to Keep More Top Line Revenue By Implementing Little Known Tax and Accounting Strategies that are 100% Legal
  • Powerful Strategies To Help Your Leverage Your Time For Sky-High Personal ROI
  • Hundreds More Critical “Smart Business” Strategies Your Business Simply Can’t Live Without

Here’s what people are saying about Smart Business Stupid Business:

Read Smart Business Stupid Business and you may save heartache, hours of headaches and thousand of dollars from just one of the many tips Diane shares. Learn from other’s mistakes, so you don’t have to repeat the pattern! Sharon Lechter, CPA – Co-author of best-sellers Three Feet from Gold and Rich Dad Poor Dad

I started the book on my cruise and finally got back to it this week and will finish tomorrow. It is dead on and I want to use it as a Business Bible to implement the changes in my business that need to happen. I really think highly of Diane and Megan and this book is a top prize for business owners. – Curtis O., Business Owner in Texas

I finished re-reading your book yesterday. I’ve gone through it about 6 times so far. Just trying to suck it all up. It is FANTASTIC! – Sheehan T., via Twitter

I’m a lawyer and have a successful small business that does well no matter what the economic climate is. One of the biggest problems that we see with starting small business owners that my husband and I mentor is that they don’t pay attention to the bottom line of their business and pay way too much in taxes. Every small business owner needs to read Smart Business Stupid Business to get the most out of their business. Angela G. Solomon, Esq. from Maryland.

I’ve been a CPA for over 30 years working primarily with business owners. Diane Kennedy knows how to minimize your taxes. Her timely advice will help you to select the best structure for your business. She is just first rate! You need to read this book. Bruce Warner, CPA from Sandy, Utah

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Our Price: $19.95

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