Need an EIN Before 12/31? Get it NOW or be out of luck

If you’re rushing to set up a company before the end of December, you may be too late. I’m seeing notice after notice from states about their holiday closing hours. Many are closed on Monday, all are closed Tuesday and some are even closed on Wednesday.

And then there’s the IRS.

New on their website this afternoon is a notice which states that there is planned closure going into effect from December 27th through to January 2nd. That means you will NOT be able to use the online system during that time to get a Tax ID number. You may be able to call the IRS to get a number, or fax in your SS-4 and wait (typically 3-5 days). But their fully automated computer system that needs little human intervention is apparently due some much needed holiday time.

It seems strange that in a world where computers rule, the IRS seems to be going backwards – at least as far as EINs are concerned. During 2012 we’ve seen multiple restrictions placed on the online system, including:

  • No longer can use an EIN received through the Internet to apply for a subsidiary company’s EIN
  • a 5-per-day limit (per SSN or Tax ID number) was created
  • that limit was then reduced further, to a 1-per-day-per-SSN/EIN

In any event, tomorrow is December 21st. If you need an EIN or Tax ID number, apply Friday or Monday. Do NOT assume that you will be able to get an EIN after that by any method.

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