About Us

We are a business formation company, located in Nevada. We were founded by Megan Hughes, author, speaker, and business structure specialist, as a way to help new business owners reach their goals and stay legally protected. Megan also co-founded Legal Shelf Company, a a company that provides structuring and maintenance services specifically geared to offshore real estate owners and investors.

Dealing with Megan Hughes and her company gives you the feeling of having a partner in your business ventures. She led us through our learning curve and gave us the confidence to feel like pros. Her services and advice are delivered promptly and accurately. We would not think of starting a new venture without her!

Cal & Nancy Trammell
San Diego, CA

As a paralegal for 25+ years, working in the US, Canada and Britain, Megan has amassed a wealth of knowledge she uses to help her clients make smart, informed business choices. She is the co-author of the books Smart Business Stupid Business (2010), Use Your Own Corporation (2004), and How Your Company Can Raise Money to Grow and Go Public (2001). She collaborated with noted author and tax strategist Diane Kennedy, CPA, on numerous writing, websites and business projects. She has been a presenter at several seminars and co-hosted live eBay workshops on several topics, including business structure selection and maintenance, nexus and state sales tax obligations.

In 20 years, you see a few things. Here’s what Megan had to say about her personal business goals:

As a business owner, I know how important it is to make every dollar count. It’s always been one of our top goals to make sure that our clients receive the things they need to get their business structures up and running, without extra frills. I’m proud of our ethics. We don’t sell you services that you don’t need, and we’ll never give you a wrong or misleading answer just to make a sale.